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Professional Watch Repair

               Watch Repairs Offered:

       *Mechanical & Automatic Watch Repair 

​       *Watch Battery replacement
       *Watch water resistant test 
       *Watch crystal fitting & replacement {Glass &  Plastic} 
       *Dial finishing 
       *Polish Of Bands & Cases 
       *Short minor repair 
       *Watch Band Replacement Leather- metal 
       *Crown & Stem Replacement
​       *Hand fixing & Replacement 
       *Quartz Conversion 
       *Seals & Gaskets 
       *Complete Overhauls for any brand watch 
​       *Complete Restoration 
       *Watch band clasp repair and replacement
       {Butterfly clasp –inside open and push button style.
     ​  Tri fold clasp, fold over style,singlefold  style}
​       *Diamond & stone setting into faces, bezels,and bands.


Stem & Crown Repairs Battery Replacement                                  Repair and Services 

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